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La ruota per il pattinaggio artistico inline indoor

  • Misura ruota: 64mm (tg. 11-13) - 68mm (tg.14) - 72mm (tg 15-20)
  • Durezza: 84A     
  • Rebound: Super High rebound  
  • Set di 6 ruote


Champ® uses high grade SHR (Super High Rebound) polyurethane from BASF with a special formula created by wheels lab in California, USA.  The rebounding percentage measures up to 80% to offset the shock absorption by nature wood boards.

Although it has a softer durometer hardness of 84A, Champ® still offers excellent gripping and edge control in all footwork.

Champ® has been proven to be a wear-resisting and tear-resisting artistic inline wheel after a long-running test.

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