CCM EP QuickLite 250

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Paragomiti CCM EP QuickLite 250

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QuickLite 250.

Inspired by our well known and trusted JDP cap construction, the QuickLite 250 elbow pads have an improved dome shape PE foam cap to help with impact dispersion and opponent injury prevention. Great for the hockey player on the ice a couple of times a week.

    Two-piece design helps to provide mobility and comfort.

    Molded PE cap helps to offer a high level of protection.

    Elbow Cap
    New PE cap with improved dome shape inspired by JDP     construction helps to prevent sensitive elbow joints from     hitting the pad when an impact occurs.

    Floating bicep padding helps to keep the pad moving with the     player for maximum protection.

    Three strap lycra system with added elasticity in the lockstrap     helps to enhance comfort and mobility while maintaining a fully     customizable fit.

Paragomiti CCM EP QLT 250.

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CCM EP QuickLite 250

CCM EP QuickLite 250

Paragomiti CCM EP QuickLite 250

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