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La ruota per il pattinaggio artistico inline outdoor e su superfici ruvide.

  • Misura ruota: 64mm (tg. 11-13) - 68mm (tg.14) - 72mm (tg 15-20)
  • Durezza: 89A     
  • Rebound: High rebound  
  • Set di 6 ruote

 SpeedMax® adopts top-grade PU material made by BASF and new compounding formula which is especially designed for artistic inline skating.

With the combination of its round (full radius) wheel profile that we insisted upon and the stable contact surface at the centerline, SpeedMax® offers excellent maneuverability in gripping, edge control, and spinning.

SpeedMax® has been tested and proven to roll smoothly with speed on the outdoor/cement surfaces.  Particularly it is perfect for outdoor/cement skating as it reduces friction on moves like traveling spins.  This merit gets around the problem that indoor wooden rinks are not readily accessible to all skaters.

Although it has a moderate durometer hardness of 89A, SpeedMax® still maintains the satisfactory shock-absorbing, gripping, and rebounding capabilities that all artistic inliners would expect.

In short, SpeedMax® is versatile for all skating surfaces.

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